Jeff 'Yetti' Gish and friend at Shady Grove, Austin, Texas

Jeff "Yetti" Gish and friend

Photo by No Nickname Man at Shady Grove Restaurant, Austin, Texas - 11/6/1998 - ©1998

Gentle Giant
Jeff "Yetti" Gish and friend

Morning Show producer Jeff "Yetti" Gish was lucky to find a kindred free spirit at a KLBJ-FM remote broadcast charity event. It was a chilly November morning in 1998 at Austin's Shady Grove restaurant and Storyville, one of Austin's all-time favorite bands, was performing live on the KLBJ-FM Morning Show. The chimpanzee was a guest of Storyville singer Malford Milligan. It was a close call as to which primate was the hairiest, Yetti or the chimp.

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