Jeff 'Yetti' Gish at Jazz on Sixth Street, Austin, Texas

Jeff "Yetti" Gish 1963 - 2015

Photo by No Nickname Man at Jazz on Sixth Street, Austin, Texas - 1/13/1999 - ©1999

Gentle Giant
Jeff "Yetti" Gish 1963 - 2015

During the time he worked as producer of the KLBJ-FM Morning Show, we knew Jeff Gish as "Yetti". His work helped raise the popularity of the Morning Show to new heights. The usage of Jeff's nickname faded away after he left KLBJ-FM and took a different path to explore a more spiritual side of life. He dedicated himself to guiding lost souls toward a more hopeful future. Jeff's various journeys through life will be judged by the positive impact he had on the people he met along the way. His loss is deeply felt by the many friends he made during his journeys.

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