KLBJ-FM's Jeff 'Yetti' Gish and Loris Lowe at KLBJ-FM, Austin, Texas

Jeff "Yetti" Gish and Loris Lowe

Photo by No Nickname Man at KLBJ-FM in Austin, Texas - 3/12/1998 - ©1998 Unofficial.com

Gentle Giant
Jeff "Yetti" Gish and Loris Lowe

She has the sexiest voice ever heard on Austin's radio airwaves. She has worked just about every on-air shift imaginable. And she seems to jump from KLBJ-FM to KGSR-FM on a regular basis. But whichever radio station you have tuned, you will know it is Loris Lowe when you hear her voice. Loris and Jeff Gish were good friends and this is one of our favorite photos of the big guy with Loris.

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