Remembering Rambeaux

March 23, 1987 - March 28, 2005

Rambeaux the Yard Guard

Yard Guard

Rambeaux the Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter

Rambeaux, Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle

Snoozin' on guard duty

Snoozin' on guard duty

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Rambeaux, Lap Cat

Lap Cat

We said goodbye to Rambeaux the Cat sixteen years ago on March 28, 2005. Her snow white mother, Yo-Yo, delivered four black kittens in a cardboard box in our living room on March 23, 1987, all females. We named them Rambeaux, Stripe, Oddball and Oh-Oh (short for the Other One). We found new families for Oddball and Oh-Oh and kept Rambeaux and Stripe. They both quickly became important parts of our lives. Rambeaux was the first kitten to climb out of the box and was always the more adventurous and brave, so we named her Rambeaux, a more feminine version of "Rambo". She was with us for the next eighteen years. Stripe lived with us almost three more years, until she was nearly twenty-one years old. More here and here.

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